Deep Vein Thrombus

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Deep Vein Thrombus
1 Pathophysiology
1.1 Decreased pressure in venous system allows blood to pool and coagulate forming a clot
2 Epidemiology
2.1 Males have increased risk over women
2.2 increased risk in bedbound patients
2.3 risk increases over age of 40
3 Risk Factors
3.1 pregnancy
3.2 hormone replacement therapy
3.3 Obesity
3.4 CHF
3.5 recent orthopedic surgery
3.6 use of oral contraceptives
4 Clinical Presentation
4.1 + Homans sign
4.2 edema
4.3 redness
4.4 warmth
4.5 Pain
4.6 discoloration of lower extremity
5 Diagnosis
5.1 ultrasound
5.2 D-dimer blood test
5.3 VQ scan
6 Treatment
6.1 anticoagulants
6.2 inferior vena cava filter
6.3 thrombus removal
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