Animal Farm

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Animal Farm
1 Themes
1.1 Power Corrupts
1.1.1 As the pigs gain power, it becomes harder for them to resist the temptation of an easier life.
1.2 Education and learning
1.2.1 The pigs can dominate the other animals because they can read. As the other animals are illiterate or unwilling to read, they are dependent on the pigs.
1.3 Propaganda
1.3.1 Squealer uses several methods to control the animals and convince them of Napoleon’s wisdom and justice.
1.4 Language and Power
1.4.1 Orwell shows us Clover’s inability to express her thoughts and how this prevents the animals from protesting after the executions.
1.5 How do Dictators keep power?
1.5.1 Squealer rewrites several events on the farm to justify the pigs’ actions and Napoleon’s rule over them.
2 Characters
2.1 Napoleon
2.1.1 The pig who seizes control of the farm after the revolution and becomes its dictator.
2.2 Snowball
2.2.1 The cleverest pig on the farm and Napoleon’s rival for leadership of Animal Farm.
2.3 Boxer
2.3.1 The hard-working horse who is the most devoted supporter of the revolution and who makes huge sacrifices for the farm’s success.
2.4 Old Major
2.4.1 The oldest pig on the farm whose speech sets out the principles of Animalism and the high ideals by which the pigs’ actions are later judged.
2.5 Squealer
2.5.1 Napoleon’s spin doctor and the pig who alters the Seven Commandments.
3 Language and structure
3.1 The seven commandments
3.1.1 Orwell uses this echo of Christianity’s Ten Commandments as a structural device to let the reader chart the farm’s decline into tyranny.
3.2 Irony
3.2.1 When words suggest the opposite of what they normally mean. For example, we are told that the animals have ‘a greater dignity’ in their lives after the revolution.
3.3 Allegory
3.3.1 A story that mirrors historical events or wider ideas. The Battle of the Cowshed is an allegory of the Russian Revolution, led by Lenin
3.4 Satire
3.4.1 A written attack that makes something look foolish or unpleasant. For example, Napoleon’s reinvention of Snowball’s actions during the Battle of the Cowshed mocks Stalin’s reinvention of himself as Lenin’s favourite
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