Study Hacks


Study Skills Mind Map on Study Hacks, created by Emily Kristel on 06/09/2020.
Emily Kristel
Mind Map by Emily Kristel, updated more than 1 year ago
Emily Kristel
Created by Emily Kristel over 3 years ago

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Study Hacks
  1. Self-discipline
    1. Hold yourself accountable
      1. Mini Rewards
        1. Remove Distractions
      2. Organisation
        1. Study Space
          1. Throw Away Unneeded
          2. Active Recall
            1. Testing Yourself
            2. Spaced Repetition
              1. Measured Gaps Between Active Recall
              2. Visual Techniques
                1. Drawings /Diagrams
                  1. Videos
                  2. Past Papers
                    1. Familiar With Layout
                      1. Marking Schemes
                      2. Ask Teachers
                        1. Questions
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