Measuring social class

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Measuring social class
1 Occupation
1.1 often used due to being linked to factors such as:
1.1.1 Levels of pay
1.1.2 Working conditions
1.1.3 Social status
2 The Registrar Generals Scale
2.1 This scale allocated people to a class based on their occupation.
2.1.1 Distinguished between MANUAL and NON-MANUAL. Manual Require physical effort and can be anything from skilled to unskilled. Non-manual Don't require physical effort.
2.2 Middle class in this scale was:
2.2.1 Skilled non-manual occupations
2.2.2 Managerial occupations
2.2.3 Technical occupations
2.2.4 Proffessional occupations
2.3.1 Difficult to place people without jobs, eg students retired and unemployed people.
2.3.2 Jobless married women were assessed on her husbands occupation which may be incorrect or mis-leading.
2.3.3 Upper class and property owners weren't easy to place based on their occupations.
2.3.4 If people had the same job or occupation there can still be differences in: Wealth Status income Qualifications
3 National Statistics Socio-economic Classification
3.1 This classification addresses some of the problems with the registrar scale
3.2 Uses occupation but can cover the whole population including unemployed people, or students
3.3 The NS-SEC groups together the occupations that are similar in:
3.3.1 Rewards that are given to workers for example pay and career prospectus as well as job security.
3.3.2 Employment status: looks at what status they are employer, self-employed or employee
3.3.3 Levels of authority and control: It looks at whether someone is responsible for other workers or whether they are being supervised by others.
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