AQA AS Physics Unit 2 - Spring Constant and Hookes Law

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A mind-map for AS Physics on Hooke's Law and Spring Constant

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AQA AS Physics Unit 2 - Spring Constant and Hookes Law
1 Equations
1.1 F = K x E
1.1.1 Force
1.1.2 Spring Constant (K)
1.1.3 Extension (In Meters)/Displacement/Delta L
2 What actually is Spring Constant?
2.1 Spring Constant is the Displacement of the spring from it's normal position.
2.2 The spring constant is representative to how stiff the spring is.
2.3 The Stiffer the Spring, the higher the spring constant.
3 Some Facts
3.1 It is measured in nm (newton's per meter).
3.2 The same as hooks law but with springs
4 Graphing
4.1 Extension on X Axis
4.2 Force on Y Axis
4.3 The Gradient is the spring constant (k)
5 Thanks for using my MindMap, Message Me If You Want a Topic Covered, or Check out my Questions on Hookes Law and Spring Constant. Thanks dudes! - Matthew Bromley 2015
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