Using YouTube in the Primary Classroom

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assess the use, positives and negative of youtube use in primary school, management that needs to happen around it's use, and some helpful links

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Using YouTube in the Primary Classroom
1 Uses
1.1 Educational videos
1.2 Videos that relate to topic being studied
1.3 Create question to be answer whilst viewing the video
1.4 Recommended videos can provide opportunities for increased learning
1.5 Videos of educational simulations and/or experiments
1.6 Students can create videos to display their knowledge, with guidance from teacher and parents
1.7 Teachers can create their own Youtube clips which students can access at home
1.7.1 allowing students to learn at their own pace
1.7.2 allows students to comment on videos and provide teacher with feedback
1.7.3 Source of revision
1.7.4 Introduction of new topic or material before class
1.8 Channels on chosen topics used
1.9 Clips incorporated into presentations
1.10 Educational channels that can be utilised 'YouTube for Schools'
1.11 Show parents what students are learning
1.12 Students can source own videos to share with the class
1.13 Set the scene of a topic
1.14 Can be used to present different views on topics
1.15 Storytelling
1.16 Different technique of teaching
1.17 teachers learning from other teachers
2 Positives
2.1 Free to use
2.2 Engaging
2.3 Enjoyable
2.4 Interactive
2.5 Easy to use
2.6 Variety
2.7 Time efficient
2.8 Different style of learning
2.9 Presents different views
2.10 Non-traditional method of teaching
2.11 wide range of content available
2.12 Creates an exciting experience
2.13 Explains topic in a different way
2.14 engage more deeply with topic
2.15 more time to focus on students
3 Negatives
3.1 Could be blocked
3.2 Links to Inappropriate/inaccurate sites
3.3 Needs extensive class management
3.4 Commercial
3.5 Inappropriate image/videos on side bar
3.6 Misleading video titles
3.7 Hard to monitor what students are watching
3.8 Can be used as a distraction
3.9 Technology difficulties
3.9.1 internet connection problems
3.9.2 Glitches
3.9.3 Clashes
4 Managment
4.1 Pre-sorted videos
4.2 Download videos for use
4.3 Full screen on smart board so that only video can be seen
4.4 Do not display on board until commercial has played
4.5 Monitor students use of videos
4.6 favourite list of videos
4.7 clear instructions
4.8 Privacy Setting on video uploads
5 References
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