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1 What is dyslexia?
1.1 Dyslexia can effect letters and numbers.
1.2 It effects your organisation skills.
1.3 It effects 1 in 10 people.
1.3.1 You will know someone with Dyslexia!!
1.4 It can be very frustrating for people.
1.5 Is hidden!
2 Symptoms
2.1 Tired easily by reading.
2.2 Frustrated by tasks so their behaviour can be erratic.
2.3 Difficulty understanding complex/many instructions.
2.4 It is genetic and inherited.
2.4.1 Family members will be dyslexic.
2.5 Many young people do not know they are dyslexic.
2.6 Staying focussed can be difficult.
3 How can we help?
3.1 Make lessons accessible
3.1.1 Remember VAK!
3.2 Chunk instructions.
3.3 Display key words.
3.4 Give them a copy of the lesson to refer to.
3.5 Emphasise key points of the lesson.
3.6 Teach key phrases to listen out for.
3.7 Use a buddy scheme
3.8 Use mini-plenaries
3.9 Print onto pastel paper
3.10 Use pastel backgrounds on IWB
4 Areas of strength
4.1 Creative
4.1.1 Art
4.1.2 Drama
4.1.3 Music
4.1.4 DT
4.2 Learn best in a practical way.
4.3 Good at 'trouble shooting'
4.4 Good at developing strategies
5 How writing can appear.
6 Useful fonts for text
6.1 Tahoma
6.2 Arial
6.3 Verdana
6.4 Comic Sans
6.5 Calibri
6.6 Century Gothic
6.7 Trebuchet
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