Systemic practice

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Systemic practice
1 interconnected
2 interrelated
3 feedback
4 interactional
5 punctuated
6 theories of change
6.1 Attachment Theory
6.1.1 Systemic theory
6.2 Solution focussed pracice
6.3 psycho-dynamic theories
6.3.1 psychotherapy - takes too long
7 anti learnt helplessness/anti dependence upon one helpful person - what happens if you depend on one person - need to utilise your whole system to help you.
7.1 example the family that relied solely on helpful steven - their gerbils were gassed
7.2 the son who relied solely on helpful dad Steven - what would he do if he couldn't speak to dad
8 interactions in the family system can make you feel safe, protected and uplifted or isolated and desolate - it is important to check out assumptions about what people are thinking
9 things do not happen in isolation, everything is a chain reaction
10 what you do is always a communication based on continual feedback
10.1 example - chopping down tree, how the tree responds to the chop changes your next chop - response to feedback
11 what you see effects what you do - what if you had eyes on the side of your head like a lizard how would your perspective change
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