French: Present Tense

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Created by #paddypower over 6 years ago
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French: Present Tense
1 -er Verbs
1.1 This is used for any action happening now in the present - and Translates as " I am Doing/ I Do"
1.2 Manger
1.2.1 To Eat
1.2.2 Who Is Doing This? Je (I) Je mange tu (You) tu manges Il/ Elle (He/She) Il mange Elle mange Il, Elle and On always have the same ending Nous (We) Nous mangons Vous (They) Vous mangez
2 -ir Verbs
2.1 Finir
2.1.1 To Finish
2.1.2 Who Is Doing This? Je (I) Je finis tu ( You) Tu finis Il/Elle (He/She) Il finit Elle finit Nous (We) Nous Finissons Vous (They) Vous finissez
2.2 There are a lot of Irregular -ir Verbs
2.2.1 Ouvir
2.2.2 Partir
2.2.3 Venir
2.2.4 Courir
3 -re Verbs
3.1 There are a lot of Irregular -re Verbs


  • Être, Faire and Dire
3.1.1 Être
3.1.2 Dire
3.1.3 Faire
3.2 Perdre
3.2.1 To Lose
3.2.2 Who Is Doing This? Je (I) Je Perds Tu (You) Tu Perds Il/ Elle (He/She) Il Perd Elle Perd Nous (We) Nous Perdons Vous (They) Vous Perdez
3.3 -re verbs add these endings to their stem - note that il/elle/on has no new ending
4 1. Who Is Doing The Activity?
4.1 2. The Stem Of The Verb - take off -ir, -er, -re
4.1.1 3. Add Correct Ending

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