Geography unit 1 topic 1

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Geography unit 1 topic 1
1 Earthquakes
1.1 Kashmir
1.1.1 Magnitude was 7.6 on the richter scale
1.1.2 October 2005
1.1.3 Epicentre: Muffaffarabad, capital of Pakistani-administered Kashmir
1.1.4 Primary impacts Property costs: $440 million
1.1.5 secondary impacts Homless: 2.8 million
1.1.6 Both impacts Injured: 75,000 death toll: 75,000
1.2 The loma prieta
1.2.1 Magnitude: 6.9 on the richter scale
1.2.2 Epicentre: In a mountainous part of santa cruz country, 96 km south-east of san-fransisco
1.2.3 October 1989
1.2.4 Primary impacts Property costs: $10 billion
1.2.5 Both impacts Death toll: 63 Injured: 3,757
1.2.6 Secondary impacts Fires Homeless: 12,000
2 Volcano
2.1 Monserrat
2.1.1 1995- 1997
2.1.2 Hazards Large amounts of lava, ash and pyroclastic flows
2.1.3 Reasons of severity of impacts Small island poor island Really violent
2.1.4 Primary impacts Large amounts of ash buildings collapsing tourist facilities destroyed Agriculture and crops destroyed
2.1.5 Secondary impacts two thirds of the population move lack of tourists tourist have no where to go avalanches berry buildings No money coming from crops
3 Managing the San Fransisco earthquake
3.1 Methods
3.1.1 Food supplies
3.1.2 Emergency kits
3.1.3 Evacuation plans
3.1.4 Having 3 days of food and water
3.2 Evacuation and responce to earthquake
3.2.1 Emergency services All have an evacuation plan
3.2.2 moving hospitalised people to better hospitals
3.3 making management easier
3.3.1 educating people
3.4 Facts making it harder
3.4.1 Amount of faults
3.4.2 roads and exits
3.4.3 first aid
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