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1 Types
1.1 Truss
1.1.1 Pratt includes vertical members and diagonals that slope down towards the center. The interior diagonals are under tension under balanced loading and vertical elements under compression. It can be subdivided, creating Y- and K-shaped patterns. Eg : Gatton Railway Bridge
1.1.2 Warren Consists of longitudinal members joined only by angled cross members, forming alternately inverted equilateral triangle shaped spaces along its length, ensuring that no individual strut, beam, or tie is subject to bending or torsional straining forces, but only to tension or compression. Eg : Sydney Harbour bridge
1.1.3 K A truss in the form of a K due to the orientation of the vertical member and the two oblique members in each panel. Eg : Sudbrucke rail bridge over River Rhine, Mainz, Germany
1.2 Suspension
1.2.1 Suspends roadway from huge main cables that extend from one end to the other of the bridge . They rest on high towers which are anchored , allowing the main cables to drape over long distances.Most of the weight or load is transferred to the anchorage sustems.Inside the anchorages, cables are spreadover a large area to evenly distribute the l,oad and prevent the cables from breaking free. Eg : Akashi Kaykiyo bridge in Japan
1.3 Girder
1.3.1 a solid structure comprised of a horizontal beam, being supported at each end by piers/land. Eg : Dunn Memorial Bridge
1.4 Cable
1.4.1 Continuous grider with one or two towers erected above piers in the middle of a span. Cables are attached diagonally from the piers to the girder. Eg : Ed Hendler Bridge
1.5 Cantilever
1.5.1 Based on structures that project horizontally into pace, supported only at one end like a spring board. Forces are balanced when two cantilevers project out from a central pier. Eg: Quebec Bridge
1.6 Moveable
1.6.1 A bridge that moves to allow passage for boats or barges. Eg : Madison Street Bridge over the Chicago River
1.7 Arch
1.7.1 The load is carried outward along the curve of the arch to the supports (abutments). Eg : Double arch stone bridge in Japan
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