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1 why?
1.1 Online fraud
1.1.1 When we use the internet for online transactions,there will always a possibilty for being victims of online fraud. example: impostors may steal uour credit card inhformation and use it for their own monetary gain
1.2 Dependancy on gadgets
1.2.1 Peaope are becoming mechanical as there are getting and dependents on gadget example: Human being cannot do a simple work without taking,help of a gadget
1.3 Techenologies are one of the sources of deseases
1.3.1 Human being are becoming addicted to the new technologies and gadget especially internet and computer.Moreover,young people are getting more and more addicted to mobile phone example: Many scientists believe that radiations from mobile phone may cause bluring vission,headaches and earaches and may be the reasons of cancer too
1.4 it is sadly truth that when a country develops a technologies,the traditional skills and way of life are dieing out .There are many reasons that will show about this such as online froud among human,too much dependabcy on gadget and as one of the sources of deseases
2 it can be concluded that there are both advadtages and disadvantages of using new technologies and gadgets and it depends on mandkind on how they want to use them
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