TWGSB IT strategy

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TWGSB IT strategy for 2015+

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TWGSB IT strategy
1 Provision
1.1 Finance
1.1.1 Shrinking school budget
1.2 Mobile
1.2.1 1 to 1 Which device? Additional costs to parents/carers
1.2.2 BYOD Most students have a device Low cost to school Students who don't have a device School purchase
1.2.3 Infrastructure
1.2.4 Security
1.2.5 Safeguarding
1.2.6 Pros/cons
1.2.7 Guest Access
1.3 Computer rooms
1.3.1 Maintenance Upgrade policy Staff
1.3.2 Fixed spaces Support limited number of rooms
1.3.3 On-going costs
1.3.4 Rooms Refurbishment 31 14 future?
2 Digital content
2.1 Subjects
2.1.1 Lessons
2.1.2 Homework
2.1.3 Tests
2.1.4 Resources
2.2 Time
2.3 Resources
3 Remote Access
3.1 VLE
3.1.1 Its Learning Fit for purpose? Cost £8410 Ease of use Control
3.1.2 Alternative Moodle Free Widely used Shared resources between schools In-house control Time Implementation time MS Sharepoint Time to implement Can replace Home Access and VLE Cost involved Integrated system In-house support
3.2 SLG
3.2.1 Use
3.2.2 Access outside of school
3.2.3 Cost £4200
3.2.4 Alternative Remote Desktop SIMs .Net
3.3 Home Access +
3.3.1 Access via web portal
3.3.2 Access home area
3.3.3 Shared areas
3.3.4 Download/upload
3.3.5 24hr access
4 Data
4.1 SIMs
4.1.1 Staff training
4.1.2 Room booking system Integrated system
4.2.1 Staff training
4.2.2 Department level analysis
4.3 SIMs Mobile App
4.4 M Store
5 IT support
5.1 Staffing
5.1.1 Office Junior Laptop booking Electronic booking system Term time VLE migration and support Zafer?
5.1.2 Paul Ebrey Front line support Equipment maintenance Projectors Interactive whiteboards Laptops Classroom computers
5.1.3 Marcin System manager Priorities Back Ups Security Server/system maintenance Strategic planning SIMs maintenance New equipment purchasing Project implementation Line management
5.1.4 Jason Fiveash Holiday support Media computers support
6 Communications
6.1 Parent mail
6.2 Email
6.3 School website
6.3.1 Fit for purpose
6.3.2 Audience
6.3.3 Platforms/technology
6.3.4 Capability of existing site
6.3.5 In-house maintenance
6.3.6 Ofsted compatible
6.3.7 Which budget? £7000+ ?
6.4 SIMs In touch
6.4.1 Cost?
6.4.2 Integrated system
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