Shot Analysis

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Shot Analysis

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Shot Analysis
1 Entering The House
1.1 We have decided that this shot needs to be refilmed for our next draft because there are christmas decorations outside which do not fit with our storyline or genre.
2 Lips
2.1 Compared to the previous shot in the opening this shots lighting is far too bright, this means that the overall flow of the opening is off. We considered refilming this shot however I think that our solution is to take the shot out all together as we do not think that it fits well anyway.
3 Doll
3.1 We have decided to take this shot out because eventhough it has quite a sinister effect it is not porcelain so we do not think that it fits well with our themes.
4 Walking
4.1 This shot needs to be refilmed to ensure continuity in our opening as some shots go from dark to light and also because the shot is too dark to see the action.
5 Cutting off Crusts
5.1 The speed of this shot does not fit with the opening. Also, it seems to be a long shot that is quite unnecessary so we have decided to take this shot out of our opening.
6 Eyes
6.1 These 2 shots do not transition well into each other due to poor angles. We have not yet come to the conclusion if we want to refilm this shot or take it out. Due to this we think we will refilm the shot and decide when editing whether to keep the new shot in.
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