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1 V1) Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul ambled across the threadbare field to the bus stop
1.1 saddled- negative term suggesting that he was lumbered with his little brother completely against his will. Metaphor for a saddle over a horse. Shows the little brother to be a burden.
1.2 ambled- suggests they are more grown up and mature than their younger brother
1.3 threadbare- means worn out and exposed which could sybolise the brothers relationship as they're getting on each others nerves.
2 talking over Sheffields Wednesdays chances in the Cup while you skipped beside us in your ridiculous tank-top spouting six year old views on Rotherham United.
2.1 Sheffield Wednesday are obviously better than Rotherham United by a lot as the older brothers seem to scoff and the younger brothers stupidness for liking the bad team.
2.2 skipped- verb shows age difference compared to ambled, shows different in maturity levels and also supports the worn out relationship point.
2.3 ridiculous- shows that he's getting annoyed with his younger brother and his embarrassed to be seen out with him dressed so stupidly and whilst he is talking nonsense about bad teams.
2.4 sibilance of spouting six- harsh, aggressive, abrasive sound that could reflect Andrews opinion of his brother at the time and the relationship between the brothers.
3 V2) Suddenly you froze, said you hadn't any bus fare. I sighed, said you should go and ask Mum and while you windmilled home i looked at Paul.
3.1 windmilled- childish terminology. creates an image of windmills and shows the child o be running whilst swinging his arms around like a windmill.
4 His smile like mine, said i was nine and he was ten and we must stroll the town, doing what grown-ups do.
4.1 contrast between ages and grown ups- shows how they thought themselves to be adults and mature when they really weren't. Andrew admits his mistake by poking fun at himself.
4.2 stroll vs windmilled- use of verbs to show age difference. Also verbs used to describe younger brother show his keenness to spend time with his older brothers but also shows his excitement at life.
5 V3) As a bus crested the hill we chased the Olympic Gold. Looking back i saw you sprint towards the gate, your hand holding out what must have been a coin.
5.1 emotive phrase- his keenness is shown by him running to keep up and spend time with his older siblings which makes us feel more sympathy for him when he misses the bus and holds out the coin.
5.2 chased the Olympic Gold- olympics is the biggest achievement for athletes so this could reflect that for the older brothers this is their biggest achievement.
5.2.1 olympic gold- symbolise the physical maturity f the older brothers compared to their younger brother.
5.3 looking back- could also mean looking back at the past and this situation as adults
6 I ran on, unable to close the distance i'd set in motion
6.1 punctuation separates the words which could reflect the increasing distance set in motion
6.2 unable to close- suggest that this incident led to a flaw in the brother relationship which has never recovered and this could mean that this poem is an apology to the younger brother.
7 Background-
7.1 poem is autobiographical- so about an event in Andrew Forsters life
7.2 written in free verse so it doesn't follow any patterns of meter, rhyme or rhythm so it has more of a conversational tone to it. Links to the use of childish language and this reflects a childlike situation and makes the poem seem more authentic.
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