GCSE RE - Unit 1 - Topic 1 - Relationships - Part 1

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GCSE RE - Unit 1 - Topic 1 - Relationships - Part 1

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GCSE RE - Unit 1 - Topic 1 - Relationships - Part 1
1 Key Concepts
1.1 Chasity


  • Chasity - Not having sex - remaining a virgin
1.2 Commitment


  • Commitment - a promise to do something. Keeping the promise means that you're not totally free.
1.3 Conflict


  • Conflict - Working against each other rather than in unity. Conflict in marriages can lead to divorce.
1.4 Love


  • Love - To have a deep affection and express it through actions and words.
1.5 Responsibilities


  • Responsibilities - Duties that you should carry out.
1.6 Reconciliation


  • Reconciliation - Apologise or say sorry. Many faith communities have reconciliation.
2 Issues Of Love
2.1 Responsibilities
2.1.1 To not let ourselves down
2.1.2 To look after others
2.1.3 Christians believe have a responsibility to God, their creator.
2.1.4 To obey the law
2.1.5 To care for the earth
3 Issues Of Love
3.1 Commitments
3.1.1 Religious believers may show their commitment by worship, prayer and how they live their lives
3.1.2 To keep vows and promises we have made
3.1.3 To fulfil our duty
3.1.4 Christians believe to not hurt others as everyone was created by God
4 Religious Teachings Of: Sex and Contraception
4.1 Christianity
4.1.1 Sex is a gift from God
4.1.2 Contraception is acceptable as long as both partners agree.
4.1.3 Adultery is forbidden in the 10 Commandments
4.2 Buddhism
4.2.1 Sex must be controlled and not in excess
4.2.2 Sex must not cause suffering
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