Nietzsche - Ascetic Ideals

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Nietzsche - Ascetic Ideals
  1. 'The Genealogy of Morals' Nietzsche
    1. 3rd treatise - essay
      1. section 11-14 World Denying
        1. In Ascetic Priest find characteristic of ascetic ideal.
          1. Life we must deny pleasures- the ascetic life - not a goal but pathway = something better.
            1. Ascetic ideals = spontaneously in cultures - must be desirable = universal.
              1. Ascetic life seems = contradiction: will to stop willing (life turned against itself)
                1. Expression of will trying to master life itself.
                  1. Contradictory will = likely to claim = its unreal. Therefore objects are illusions and the human subject/ego are rejected.
          2. N goes 2 tackle contradiction 'life against life'.
            1. Humans great experimenters- struggle gain power over themselves + nature.
              1. Through this struggle we've made ourselves sick - its no wonder ascetic ideal = everywhere.
                1. Seems = deny life - life affirming as says 'yes' to life in face of sickness.
                  1. Sickness comes from pity for humanity = this inspires nihilism - 'the will to nothingness' characterises ascetic ideals.
                    1. Nihilism of weakest is great danger to healthy as it claims health + happiness = evils.
                      1. Strong = be separated from sick- maintain strength - they shouldn't pity sick majority.
          3. Section 15- 22 Man as Sick animal
            1. Having concluded the healthy can't help sick without becoming sick themselves N claims sick need nurses and doctors who are also sick.
              1. Role of ascetic priest = to tend to the sick. Must be sick himself .
                1. Masses = find someone to blame for their suffering = can be violent.
                  1. Ascetic priests purpose = turn this around + mass should blame themselves for suffering.
                    1. However Priest - only there 2 ease suffering not cure sickness itself.
                      1. 2 ways ascetic priest fight sense of displeasure:
                        1. 1. attempt = dull sensations + will = so pain of world isn't felt as keenly.
                          1. 2. distract the mind = hard work.
                            1. While these 2 are 'innocent' ways there's also 'guilty' means working up - 'orgy of feeling'.
                              1. 'Orgies of feeling' = in sin, guilt, bad conscience - are guilty because they make sick sicker.
              2. Section 23 - 28 Truth and Values
                1. N focuses on what ascetic ideal means.
                  1. AI = powerful because interprets human history +experience in terms of its goal.
                    1. N asks - there are other wills that opposes the will of the ascetic ideal.
                      1. 1st considers science as its able to stand on its own interpretations ...
                        1. N objects = as it lacks positive will that characterises ascetic ideals.
                          1. Scholars appear have independent wills because reject faith.
                            1. N however claims they reject faith only in favour of different faith. (faith in truth)
                  2. Concludes oberservation = the problem - not that suffer but we need to give meaning to suffering.
                    1. We cling to ascetic ideal because it explains life to us: explains why must suffer.
                      1. Yes, the ascetic directs will against pleasure even life itself - but it is still a will. 'Rather Will Nothingness then not will'
                  3. N purpose to show not what ascetic ideal - done, but what it means.
                    1. Nietzsche = 'What do Ascetic Ideals mean?'
                      1. N confronts Asceticism + the powerful force dominates contemporary life.
                        1. When we define Asceticism = mean rejection of earthly pleasures in favour of abstinent life.
                          1. Section 1 - 10 Human Will
                            1. Meaning Ascetic Ideals = means different things 2 different people.
                              1. Suggesting that we would 'rather will nothingness than not will'.
                                1. Artist = Ascetic Ideals means 'nothing or too many things'.
                                  1. E.g. composer Richard Wagner.
                                    1. Concludes, learn little from ascetic ideals from artists because - lean on authority some prior philosophy, morality or religion.
                                      1. Wagner asceticism not possible if weren't 4 Schopenhauer
                                        1. Because prominence Schopenhauer gave music in philosophy...
                                          1. As music speaks language of will itself.
                                            1. Schopehauer states beautiful has calming affect on will and freeing the will.
                                              1. In this way he honours = ascetic ideal = release from torture +torment of his will.
                            2. Marriage and Sensuality
                              1. Everything strives 2 secure itself = to maximise its feeling of power.
                                1. Philosophers = hate marriage + distractions from philosophical pursuits.
                                  1. Philosophers = Ascetic Ideals is a means maximise feeling of power and affirmation of existence.
                                    1. Philosophy depends on ascetic ideals.
                                      1. Essentially philosophers don't parade as philosophers = not enough freedom of will on earth 4 philosopher 2 drop pretence of ascetic priest.
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