Project Management Revison

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Project Management Revison
1 Project Management Introduction
1.1 IPM International Project Management
1.2 What is a Project A defined start A defined end
1.3 A Project is unique with a start and finish data
1.4 Why Run Projects? - To improve productivity, efficiency, waste, profit, introduce new products
1.5 Type of Projects: Research, Software, Product Development, Consruction, Management
1.6 Project Context: The Company, Stakeholders (have different views), Environment changes PESTEL
2 Project Planning 1 WBS, RM, Costs, Estimating, Procurement
2.1 Project Life Cycle


  • Look the 5 Fasses
2.1.1 Initial review
2.1.2 Appraisal
2.1.3 Preparation
2.1.4 Execution
2.2 Breakdown Structures
2.2.1 PBS: Product Breakdownsture
2.2.2 WBS: Work Breakdown Structure L2 work packages L3 activities L4 tasks WBS: can be based on phases, department (organisation) products 4 Levels L1 Title Milestones are activities with Zero duration Benefits of WBS: early phases planning, evaluation in the later phases - easily understood, Independent, Estimate able, Measurable
2.2.3 CBS: Cost Breakdown Structure Adding labour rates, work, cost estimates to the responsibility matrix; often called a Budget or a "cost account" Functional Responsibilities Work Planning and Budget Assignment Cost Collection – Estimates & Actuals We can save costs: finde cheaper labour, competitive materials, work quicker work smarter or delete project tasks If you cant do the project; ask for more money, rewrite the project aim, Involve the Senior maager In real life cost account is a spread sheet
2.2.4 OBS: Organisation Breakdown Structure
2.3 Purpose of Planning
2.3.1 When, who, how much, what needs to be done
2.3.2 Monitor
2.3.3 compare actual planed progress with planed progress
2.4 Project Planning Tools
2.4.1 WBS
2.4.2 Responsibility Matixes
2.4.3 Dependency Charts
2.4.4 Cost accounts
2.5 Project Planning Levels
2.5.1 Strategic
2.5.2 Operational
2.5.3 Detailed
2.6 RM= Responsibility matrix: after WBS assign them to the team
2.6.1 The list of Tasks
2.6.2 The list of People
2.6.3 Add letters in RM like: Responsible, Accountable, Consult, inform,O= owner, P= primary
2.7 Lead & Lag
3 Initiating the Project, Lifecycles, Stakeholders Management and Analysis, PMO, and PPP
4 Project Finances, Payback, ROI, NPV
4.1 ROI: Formal
4.2 Payback formal
4.3 Iron Tiangel?
5 Project Planning 2, Dependencies, Critical Paths, Float, Logic Types Gantt Charts
5.1 Critical Path: how to react (delet tasks, add resourcess)
5.2 Float,
6 Traditional, Agile and Critical Chain Project Management Compared
7 Project Resources
8 Project Tendering/Contracting
9 Project Risk
10 Project Monitoring/Control (EVA), Change Management, Issue Management
11 Project Closure & Project Review
12 Human Factor (OBS)
13 Big Picture Revision
14 PM Professionalism
15 Project Crashing
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