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Created by jon178 about 6 years ago
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Mr Pip quotes
1 Colonialism
1.1 “Some white fellas…”
1.2 “a woman turning a white man into marmalade”
1.3 “we were proud because Grace was going to show the white world how smart a black kid could be”
1.4 "By now it was also clear that the white world had forgotten us"
1.5 "You cannot be any more stuck than the only white person living among black people"
2 Faith
2.1 “...stocking up on faith for the hurly-burly of daily life.”
2.2 “ not believe in the devil or God.”
2.3 “He said the devil had been sent to test us kids”
3 Education
3.1 "I want this to be a place of light"
3.2 “Your Grace was the cleverest of all us girls”
3.3 “A girl who could speak Germans with the nuns”
3.4 “Grace was the smartest kid…”
4 Conflict
4.1 "strode in"
4.2 "Hostile look"
4.3 "Frightening Authority"
4.4 “...something he might like to challenge”
4.5 “the two of them held each other’s eye”

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