The Manhunt

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The Manhunt
1 Context
1.1 Laura's poem - Laura is the wife of Eddie Beddoes, a soldier who served as peace-keeper in Bosnia before being discharged due to injury + depression
2 The Manhunt
2.1 an intensive search for a person
2.1.1 negative connotation - victim/ criminal
3 After the first phase, After passionate nights and intimate days,
3.1 misleading - seems to be about a health + passionate relationship
3.2 life the first stage of a relationship- metaphorically true as the man is so broken + changed + he is not the man she married
3.3 contradict rest of poem - like relationship, they don't fit together
4 only then would he let me trace the frozen river which ran through his face
4.1 metaphor of 'frozen river'- something unable to do what it is designed to do. unable to function
4.1.1 frozen - stuck, unable to escape from his position/feelings
4.1.2 river - depth + veracity to his feelings
5 only then would he let me explore the blown hinge of his lower jaw,
5.1 'only then' repetition + short verses - show tiny amounts of progress being made
5.2 unable to talk to her
5.3 blown hinge - a flexible attachment which allows things to open or shut
5.3.1 mentally unhinged - dangerous, volatile, unpredictable
5.3.2 unable to function - can't be a soldier (been discharged) + can't be a husband (can't love + protect wife)
5.3.3 unable to open up/ communicate
6 and mind and attend the factor rudder of shoulder-blade,
6.1 rudder - device used to steer a ship
6.1.1 unable to function - stuck, static, unable to move forward
7 Only then could I bind the struts and climb the rungs of his broken ribs
7.1 turn in poem - wife trying to mend him, sees it as her role
8 and feel the hurt of his grazed heart.
8.1 soft gentle sounds - softness of intimacy + emotion
8.1.1 emotional pain + damage
8.2 feel - starts to feel, understand his pain, empathise with how he is feeling
9 Skirting along, only then could I picture the scan, the foetus of metal beneath his chest where the bullet had finally come to rest.
9.1 the bullet is like a foetus - it is inside of you, it grows + develops
9.1.1 metaphor - that bullet + wound will grow + develop + continue to grow + cause more impact on soldier
10 Then I widened the search, traced the scarring back to its source
10.1 'widened the search' - manhunt, reminds us of importance of title, hostile + negative imagery reflects hostility in man
11 Then, and only then, did I come close.
11.1 AMBIGUITY - after long time of little steps trying to put him back together + work through his pain...
11.1.1 close to each other, bonded + united again
11.1.2 close to understanding him, didn't fully emphasise, understand or find him, but was nearly there
12 and handle and hold the damaged, porcelain collar-bone
12.1 delicate ceramic - soldier is delicate, soft + easy to break
13 and finger and thumb the parachute silk of his punctured lung
13.1 parachute - military, broken parachute - unable to function
13.2 silk - delicate, soft side
14 to a sweating, unexploded mine buried deep in his mind, around which every nerve in his body had tightened and closed
14.1 cause of all his pain, deep emotional root, is unexplored mine
14.2 mine - if you get too close it will be dangerous, if you touch it you can't let go because you'll blow up
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