The Charge of the Light Brigade

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Mindmap for the Charge of the Light Brigade for the Conflict Poetry Cluster for AQA English Literature GCSE

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The Charge of the Light Brigade
1 Content
1.1 Describes disastrous battle between British cavalry and Russian forces.
2 Themes, Attitudes, Ideas
2.1 Admiration
2.1.1 Admires the bravery and sacrifice of the men Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die Present the view that taking orders and serving one's country is honourable When can their glory fade?
2.2 Disgust/ Disbelief
2.2.1 Some one had blunder'd
3 Language offers balance between the two types
3.1 Violent
3.1.1 Describes the situation "the six hundred" faced "Sabre stroke shatter'd and sunder'd" Alliteration of "S" Hissing Sibilance signifies evil. In his case it reflects the viciousness of the attack
3.2 Heroic
3.2.1 Celebrates "the six hundred" L23. Boldly they rode and well L55. Noble L53, 54 Honour
4 Form
4.1 Third person
4.1.1 Gives feel of a story
4.2 Rhythm
4.2.1 Strong, regular creates fast pace Imitates cavalry and energy of battle
5 Structure
5.1 Repetition
5.1.1 L8,38, 49, 54 "The six hundred" Reminder of the large number of men at the battle and creates a chaotic image
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