New Labour Policies since 1997

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New Labour Policies since 1997
1 1997-2010 Labour party were in power, lead by Tony Blair till 2007, under Gordon Brown
2 "New Labour" - no longer following traditional Labour Party Policies
2.1 Aim was to reduce inequality
2.1.1 EMA Low income backgrounds provided with payments for students
2.1.2 New deal for young people Training & Voluntary work for unemployed young people
2.1.3 Aim Higher Raise aspirations for those groups that are under-represented in higher education, mostly working class
2.1.4 Education Action Zones Deprived areas provided with additional resources
2.1.5 Sure Start Extra help for pre-school children in deprived areas e.g Play Centres
2.1.6 Excellence in Schools Cities Disadvantaged inner city children who were at risk of exclusion provided with mentors and units
2.2 Within education system - Increase diversity, choice and competition
2.2.1 focus on the needs of the individual child and power in the hands of the parents Schools having specialist status in particular curriculum areas.
2.2.2 By 2007, 85% of schools had become specialist schools e.g technology, languages and so on
2.2.3 Breaking away from the oppressive uniformity of old centralised one size fits all OSFA- all schools expected to be the same Education becomes customised to diverse communities E.g Growth of faith schools for different religion types
3 16-18 yr olds education in 2000 - AS/A2s and key skills and more vocational skills introduced.
4 Citizenship education to make pupils aware of politics
5.1 Existence of Grammar & fee paying private schools (Not Abolished)
5.2 Over emphasis on targets & league tables. Only advantage the schools that are able to attract the most able & highest proportion of higher class pupils
6 McKnight et al (2005) - Overall standards have risen, improvements in GCSE'S, Alevel and Key stage tests and a small reduction in class differences in achievement at school
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