User Interfaces

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Descriptions of the types of user interfaces.

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User Interfaces
1 Form Based
1.1 Form based interfaces are ideal for software where the operator mainly spends their time inputting various types of data. And queuing the inputted data for batch processing
2 Menu Based
2.1 Menu based interfaces are useful when the operator may not know all the options that are available. A list of choices is made available, and then further lists of choices are based on previous answers.
3 Graphical
3.1 Graphical interfaces are formed of four vital components known as WIMP - Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointer.The whole point of a graphical interface is to hide the complicated parts of a program from the user so they do not get confused - by clicking an icon, a user can execute complex code without having to be computer literate.
4 Natural Language
4.1 Natural language interfaces are designed to be like talking to a computer
5 Command Line
5.1 Command line interfaces are incredibly powerful. Although the user needs to understand the commands and how they work, they can then access the entire operating system and the inner workings of the computer
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