English: Jekyll and Hyde: Plot Summary

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English: Jekyll and Hyde: Plot Summary
1 Chapter 1 - Story of the Door
1.1 Utterson and Enfield are walking together, they spot a Strange-Looking Door
1.2 Enfield recalls a story regarding the Door
1.3 He once saw a Man trample a Young Girl.
1.4 He Persued the Man and Brought him back to the Scene of the Crime
1.5 A Crowd gathered, the Man (Hyde) Offered compensation to the Girl
1.6 It was Accepted, Hyde went through the door with a Key and got some money with a large cheque
1.7 Utterson is curious and asks Enfield if Hyde really did Use a key on the door. Enfield Confirmed it.
2 Chapter 2 - Search for Mr Hyde
2.1 Utterson is troubled and so, takes the will of his friend Dr Jekyll from a Safe
2.2 It says that in the event of Jekyll's Disappearance, all his possessions are to go to Mr Hyde.
2.3 Utterson decides to visit Lanyon, a friend of Jekyll's, He says he has never heard of Hyde and not seen Jekyll in 10 years.
2.4 Utterson begins to watch the door at all hours, eventually he sees Hyde unlock it, he is shocked at the great sense of Evil coming from Him.
2.5 Utterson Goes next Door to warn his friend Jekyll, but he is told by the servant (Poole) that Jekyll is out and that they are to obey Hyde as per Jekyll's instruction.
2.6 Utterson is worried that Hyde may be plotting to Kill Jekyll to benefit from the Will.
3 Chapter 3 - Dr Jekyll was quite at Ease
3.1 2 Weeks pass, in which Jekyll had a dinner party, Utterson stays behind to discuss the will.
3.2 Jekyll laughs it off. He compares Uttersons' worries to Lanyon's 'hidebound' attitude to medical science.
3.3 The reader sees why Jekyll and Lanyon fell out and that Jekyll is acting strange.
3.4 Utterson persists discussing the will and Jekyll hints at a strange relationship between him and hyde.
3.5 Jekyll refuses to divulge even though he trusts Utterson and Jekyll says 'The moment I choose, I can be rid of Mr Hyde.'
4 Chapter 5 - Incident of the Letter
4.1 Utterson Visits Jekyll at his house and finds him 'looking deadly sick'. He asks him whether he is hiding hyde.
4.2 Jekyll assures him that he will never see or hear of Hyde again, and gives him a letter to indicate this.
4.3 Utterson asks guest to compare the handwriting of this letter to an invitation from Jekyll.
4.4 There seems to be a resemblance between the two.
4.5 Utterson believes Jekyll has forged the letter in Hyde's Handwriting to cover his escape.
5 Chapter 4 - The Carew Murder Case
5.1 A year passes and an elderly gentleman is clubbed to death in a street by hyde. It is witnessed by a maid who recognises Hyde.
5.2 A Letter addressed to Utterson is found on the body, he is called to the body.
5.3 He recognises the murder weapon to be a broken half of a walking stick he gave to Jekyll years ago. He hears that the murderer was Hyde and so he offers to lead the police to his house.
5.4 They are told that Hyde has not been home for 2 months.
5.5 But, they search the house and find the other half of the broken stick and signs of a hasty exit.
6 Chapter 6 - Remarkable incident of Dr Lanyon
6.1 Hyde cannot be found, and Jekyll seems happier and, for two months he socialises again.
6.2 Suddenly, Jekyll seems depressed and will not see Utterson. Utterson visits Dr Lanyon to dicuss Jekylls health, but finds Lanyon on his death-bed
6.3 Lanyon refuses to discuss Jekyll who, he hints, to be the cause of his illness.
6.4 Utterson writes to Jekyll to try and find out what has happened. He recieves a reply suggesting that Jekyll has fallen into a very disturbed state and talks of being 'Under a dark Influence'
6.5 Lanyon dies, leaving a letter marked 'Not to be opened till the death or dissappearance of Dr Henry Jekyll' Utterson then locks it away in his safe unopened.
6.6 Utterson tries visiting Jekyll many times, but Poole says he is living in isolation and will not see anyone
7 Chapter 7 - Incident at the Window
7.1 Utterson and Enfield are out on a walk as they do.
7.2 They pass Jekyll's window and see him like a prisoner in Solitary Confinement
7.3 Utterson calls out to Jekyll and he replies, but his face suddenly freezes in an expression of 'Abject terror and despair'.
7.4 The change in Jekyll's expression is so sudden and horrible it 'Froze the very blood of two gentlemen below', and they depart in silence.
8 Chapter 8 - The Last Night
8.1 One evening, Jekyll's servant comes to Utterson and asks him to come to Jekyll's house.
8.2 The go to the lab but the door is locked.
8.3 The voice from inside does not sound like Jekyll and both men believe it to be Hyde
8.4 Poole says the voice has been crying out for a particular chemical to be brought, but what is given has been rejected as it is 'impure'
8.5 Poole says he had earlier caught a glimpse of a person in the lab who looked scarcely human.
8.6 They break the door down and find a body, twitching. In its hand are the remains of a test tube. The body is smaller than Jekyll's but wearing clothes that would fit him.
8.7 On the table is a will dates to that day which leaves everything to Utterson but Hyde's name is crossed out.
8.8 There is also a package containing Jekyll's 'Confession' and a letter asking Utterson to read Dr Lanyon's letter which he left after his death (now in Utterson's safe)
8.9 Utterson tells Poole that he will return before midnight, when he has read all the documents.
9 Chapter 9 - Dr Lanyon's Narrative
9.1 The contents of Dr Lanyon's letter are listed.
9.2 It tells of how Lanyon recieved a letter from Jekyll asking him to collect a drawer containing chemicals, a vial and a notebook then give it to a man who would call at midnight.
9.3 Lanyon said he was curious, especially because the book contained strange entries
9.4 At midnight, a man appeared, small and grotesque, wearing clothes far too large for him.
9.5 The man offers to Take the chemicals or drink the potion.
9.6 Lanyon accepts and so, Hyde transforms into Jekyll infront of him.
9.7 In horror of what he saw, Lanyon falls seriously ill.
10 Chapter 10 - Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case
10.1 Jekyll tells the story of how he turned into hyde.
10.2 It begins as a scientific curiosity of the duality of Human Nature.
10.3 Eventually he became addicted to the character of Hyde and he increasingly took over and destroyed him.
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