Planning for a Career

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Reference: Macmillan, K. & Weyers, J. (2012). Planning for a career. In K, Macmillan & J, Weyers (Eds.), The Study Skills Book (pp. 417-422). Harlow, England: Pearson.

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Planning for a Career
1 What Career Planning Involves
1.1 Thinking about long-term goals & aspirations
1.1.1 Work-life Salary Work rate Responsibility Options avaible for career development Same employer Within the industry team-work or automous
1.1.2 Private Life
1.2 Looking at potential occupations
1.2.1 Supply & Demand of the occupation
1.2.2 Global/National economic conditions
1.2.3 Career Advice On-line Tests Career Advisers Career Planners
1.2.4 What qualifications/experience is required
2 Prior Knowledge
2.1 To reach a certain career, some prerequisites have to be met
2.1.1 Qualifications Tertiary Study Basic Courses
2.1.2 Experience in the field
2.2 To reach a career, almost everything prior is a stepping stone
2.2.1 Occupations
2.2.2 Study
3 Finding Out About Different Occupations
3.1 Impartial Info
3.1.1 Salary Scales
3.1.2 Options for progression
3.1.3 Work conditions
3.2 Company/Sector info
3.2.1 Buisness Prospects
3.2.2 Economic Prospects
3.3 Speak to someone already in the position
3.4 Gaining first-hand experience
3.4.1 Vacation work
3.4.2 Internship
4 Creating an Action Plan
4.1 Short term picture
4.2 Type of qualification
4.2.1 Future module options
4.2.2 Extent of qualification Certificate Diploma Degree Masters
4.3 Skills/Qualities
4.3.1 Extra-curricular activities
4.4 Experience needed
4.4.1 Vacation work
4.4.2 Project work
4.4.3 Internship
4.5 dates to be completed by
5 Practical Tips for Career Planning
5.1 Investigate all potential career opportunities
5.2 Use the Personal Development Plan
5.3 Keep CV up to date
5.4 Seek opportunities to discuss potential careers
5.4.1 Be proactive
6 Questions/Future Actions
6.1 How can I develop skills that are never used in day-to-day life?
6.2 How soon should someone change jobs for new opportunities?
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