Futility - Wilfred Owen

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In depth analysis of Wilfred Owen's poem Futility from conflict section of English Literature anthology Moon on the Tides. Information on structure, language, form, techniques, imagery, comparisons included.

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Futility - Wilfred Owen


1 Form and Structure
1.1 Poem is an elegy


  • Elegy - A poem or song composed especially as a lament (expression of grief) for a deceased person.
1.2 Two stanzas
1.3 Half rhymes throughout
2 Title
2.1 Pointlessness of life
2.2 Anti-proper gander
2.3 War is pointless
2.4 Pointless/useless
3 Language
3.1 Imagery
3.1.1 'Are limbs' Two meanings for 'limbs' Branches of a tree Fits into nature theme Paired appendages Legs and arms
3.1.2 'Woke once the clays of a cold star.' Oxymoron Contrasts with the sun Consonance - hard sounds
3.1.3 'At home, whispering of fields half-sown' 'half-sown' unfinished like his life farmer - could have been his profession before the war 'whispering' is onomatopoeia
3.1.4 'Think how it wakes the seeds' 'wakes' - brings to life 'seeds' - metaphor for young men and their potential
4 Poetic Techniques
4.1 Personification
4.1.1 'Move him into the sun, Gently its touch awoke him once' Sun is also a metaphor for giver of life Warmth and light 'Gently' contrasts with battlefield and war
4.2 Both stanzas begin with a command
4.2.1 'Move him' Direct address 'him' represent any soldier Can't move himself
4.2.2 'Think'
4.3 Question
4.3.1 'Was it for this the clay grew tall?' Mud - comes from the earth Biblical reference - genesis 2.7 Man comes from the earth
4.3.2 'To break earths sleep at all?'
5 Comparision
5.1 Falling Leaves
5.1.1 Has a nature theme also
6 Subject and Themes
6.1 Nature themes and imagery
6.2 Wilfred Owen was on the front line but he chose to write about grief and despair instead of violence and horror
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