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A quick view of simple maths terms.

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1 numbers
1.1 123
2 algebra
2.1 pronumerals
2.1.1 x,y,z y x 2=2y
2.1.2 like terms 2y, 3y terms with the same pronumeral like terms can be added like normal numbers eg. 2y+6y=8y
2.2 indices
2.3 simplify-to make a sum shorter or simpler. to take away as many signs (+-ect.) as possible
2.4 evaluate-to look over a sum and answer it
2.5 expand-the opposite of simplify, to make the sum longer, to insert all needed signs
2.6 coefficient
2.7 powers-2 to the power of 4. (2 with a little 4 in the right hand corner), you have to multiply that number by itself that many times. eg 2 to the power of 4=2x2x2x2=16
2.8 abbreviation-to make a sum shorter
2.9 consecutive-numbers that come in order eg. 1,2,3
2.10 variable
2.11 substitution
2.12 quotient
2.13 expression-the sum
3 adition, subtraction, multiplication, division
3.1 you can add, subract, multiply and divide like terms as normal
3.2 negative and positive numbers
3.2.1 negative+negavtive=positive positive+postive=postive negavtive+positve=negative positive+negavtive=negavtive goes for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

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