The ruined maid

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The ruined maid
1 Big Idea
1.1 The ruined maid is an ironic commentary on the limited opportunities country girls had in the nineteenth century
1.2 Hardy satirising Victorian society and moralities specifically sex and women
2 Themes
2.1 Passing of time
2.2 Identity
2.3 Women
2.4 Prejudice
3 Form
3.1 Dramatic Dualouge
3.1.1 A conversation between two people which tells a story and reveals things about both characters The story highlights that Melia's life is like a fairytale however in every fairytale there is always the good and the bad (Melia's life)
4 Structure
4.1 Line length
4.1.1 The brevity of Melia's lines compared with her friends Suggests an indifference or detachment from the conversation Melia allowing her appearance to do most of the talking paralleling the public perception of prostitutes
4.2 Ceasura
4.2.1 'My dear-' Breaks the expected flow of a final couplet Suggests a lack of self assurance underneath the facade
5 Language
5.1 Dialect
5.1.1 Contrast of friends dialect and Melia's standard english Specifically broken at the end by Melia-'ain't' and 'you be' A deliberate reclamation of her true self and refusal to be ashamed OR it could be a deliberate mistake to emphasise her lack of concern over her friends opinion because she is unaware of her situation
5.2 Interrogative and excalamtive sentance moods
5.2.1 Tone of surprise highlighting Melia's ruin is common knowledge
5.2.2 Tone of surprise from the friend to show her excitement over Melia's surface appearances Could hint posible jelousy
5.3 Repetition of 'Said she'
5.3.1 Creates an emphatic tone Highlight Melia's consistent lack of remorse
6 Imagery
6.1 Similie-'like paws'
6.1.1 Contrasts with 'gloves' Highlights her refinement and the positive effects of being 'ruined' OR could suggest elements of secracy linking to the negative effects of prostitution
6.2 Contrast between nouns and verbs-'delicate' and 'strut'
6.2.1 Suggestions that the friend thinks Melia is arrogant for all she has implying that she possibly doesn't deserve this live because the friend cannot live it herself
7 Tone
7.1 Condescending-'cannot quite expect that'
7.1.1 Possible annoyance
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