How effective is...?


A mindmap demonstrates useful vocabulary to talk about how effective something might be, which is often a question for part 3 CAE Speaking Task
Oxana Kostina
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Oxana Kostina
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How effective is...?
  1. to have / produce (an) effect
    1. a considerable / significant / powerful effect
      1. little / much effect
        1. no effect whatsoever
          1. to have their effect
          2. to be / prove (in)effective
            1. Syn.: fruitful / fruitless
              1. highly / particularly effective
                1. equally effective
                  1. largely / relatively ineffective
                    1. nowhere near as effective as
                    2. Idioms for ineffective
                      1. a mug' s game
                        1. Ex. Forecasting a wannabe PM's likely legacy is a mug's game.
                        2. a fool's errand
                          1. Ex. Trying to attract attention in this way is a fool's errand
                          2. go adrift
                            1. Ex. Something seems to have gone adrift in our calculations.
                          3. Idioms for effective
                            1. to work wonders
                              1. Ex. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for mind and body
                              2. to work like a charm
                                1. Ex, The new sales approach worked like a charm
                                2. to work a treat
                                  1. Ex. The new tactic worked a treat
                                  2. to do the trick
                                    1. Sometimes it can do the trick
                                    2. I'd give it a go / It's worth a go
                                      1. I'd go for that
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