Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance Enhancing Drugs
1 Anabolic Steroids
1.1 Enables the performer to train harder for longer which will enhance strength and power
1.2 Speeds up recovery time
1.3 Pressure from coaches, teammates or competitors
1.4 Increases the chances of winning
1.5 Increases protein synthesis which helps to develop muscle mass.
1.6 Used by performers requiring power such as sprinters and weightlifters
1.7 Increased aggression & mood swings
1.8 Liver damage
1.9 Testicular atrophy in men, leading to infertility
1.10 Premature baldness
2 Beta Blockers
2.1 Reduce anxiety
2.2 Calming
2.3 Allow the performer to have control
2.4 Steady muscles when shaking
2.5 Increase the chances of winning
2.6 Used by divers, archers and gymnasts
2.7 Slow in heart rate, poor performance in endurance events
2.8 Sleep disturbance/insomnia
3 Diuretics
3.1 Enables weight to be lost quickly from the loss of fluid
3.2 Masks other performance enhancing drugs.
3.3 Can be used by any performer to mask other drugs but used by jockeys and boxers for their weight losing purposes
3.4 Dehydration
3.5 Nausea
3.6 Headaches
3.7 Heart/kidney failure
4 Narcotic Analgesics
4.1 Sense of euphoria (intense excitement)
4.2 Sense of invincibility
4.3 Mask injuries, enabling further participation
4.4 Increase pain threshold
4.5 Used by any injured sportsperson wanting to continue training or competing.
4.6 Nausea
4.7 Anxiety/depression
4.8 Kidney/liver damage
4.9 Addiction
4.10 Development of injury
4.11 Loss in concentration
5 Stimulants
5.1 Increase aggression levels
5.2 Increases alertness
5.3 Reduces tiredness
5.4 Increases heart rate and oxygen delivery as a result
5.5 Increases competitiveness.
5.6 Different performers will take stimulants for their different effects
5.6.1 Baseball players and long distance cyclists may need the long-lasting alertness
5.6.2 Rugby players or boxers may need the increase in aggression
5.7 Insomnia
5.8 Aggression
5.9 Anxiety
5.10 Heart rate irregularities
6 Peptide Hormones
6.1 Erythropoietin (EPO)
6.1.1 Increases red blood cell production, improving oxygen delivery to the working muscles
6.1.2 Used by distance runners and cyclists
6.1.3 Blood clots from increased blood thickness which increases the risk of a heart attack
6.2 Human growth hormone (HGH)
6.2.1 Helps increase muscle mass and strength
6.2.2 Used by sprinters and weightlifters to increase power
6.2.3 Arthritis
6.2.4 Diabetes
6.2.5 Abnormal foot and hand growth
6.2.6 Heart failure
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