Modals & semi-modals

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Expressing asking for a permission , offers, making requests, suggestions , expressing ability , obligation , necessity and prohibition.

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Modals & semi-modals


1 Offer
1.1 Can
1.1.1 Can I help you?
1.2 Could
1.2.1 Could I help you?
1.3 May
1.3.1 May I help you ?
2 Asking for permission
2.1 Can
2.1.1 Can I go to the festival?
2.2 Could
2.2.1 Could I go out , please?
2.3 May
2.3.1 May I open the window , please?
3 Making Requests
3.1 Can
3.1.1 Can you help me open the door ?
3.2 Could
3.2.1 Could you show me the way to class?
3.3 May
3.3.1 May I have some more coffee?
4 prohibition
4.1 mustn't
4.1.1 You mustn't use your mobile here.
5 Making suggestions
5.1 Shall
5.1.1 Shall we go away for the weekend ?
6 Ability
6.1 be able to
6.1.1 all tenses I haven't been able to go shopping since last month. / I will be able to speak English in the future .
6.2 could
6.2.1 past I could climb trees when I was young .
6.3 Can
6.3.1 present The baby can speak.
7 absence of necessity
7.1 don't have to
7.1.1 We don't have to go out if you don't want to .
7.2 don't need to
7.2.1 You don't need to give me the money.
7.3 needn't
7.3.1 You needn't worry.
8 obligation
8.1 must
8.2 have to
8.2.1 present + future I must buy ted a present for his graduation . You have to put on a uniform at school.
8.3 had to
8.3.1 past I had to drink milk everyday when I was a child.
9 necessity
9.1 need to
9.1.1 I need to talk to you?
9.2 need
9.2.1 Need you buy new shoes?
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