10 Study Techniques

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10 Study Techniques
1 Brainstorming
1.1 Expanding ideas
1.1.1 No inhibitions
2 Quizzes
2.1 Prefect preparation for exams
2.2 Highlights your strengths and weaknesses
2.2.1 Share with your friends to get the most out of quizzes
3 Notes
3.1 Put lectures/articles into your own words
4 Underlining
4.1 Read fully first
4.2 highlight key areas of content
5 Mind Maps
5.1 Quick and Easy
5.2 Ideal for exam prep or outlining your ideas
6 Flashcards
6.1 Perfect for retaining info
6.1.1 Dates, Formulas, Key Facts and Vocabulary
7 Case Studies
7.1 See the real world applications of theory
7.2 Allows you to visualise a theory
8 Mnemonic Rules
8.1 A memory trick
8.1.1 Works by association
9 Organise Your Study
9.1 Planning is vital to good study
9.1.1 Create a timetable
10 Drawing
10.1 For visual learners
10.1.1 Images or drawings are great way for remember something

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