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1 Q.1
1.1 Sample Source: "Nicknamed Sue, the seven-tonne T. Rex at the Field Museum in Chicago is the largest and most complete example of the prehistoric predator ever unearthed. The fossil stretches 13 metres from nose to tail.
1.1.1 Sample Response: "One thing that I learn from the article is that these once great predators were bohemoths as they "stretched thirteen metres from nose to tail". This suggests that if they were alive today, they would dominate the food chain, both due to their length and weight. It also implies that there was once something deadlier than a T. Rex as they are now extinct.
1.2 Sample Source: "Riding the rapids in the Grand Canyon is a Disneyland-like experience - one second you're plunging straight down into the trough of a wave, the next you're getting drenched with cold spray as the boat shoots up and over the crest. It's a white-knuckle, roller-coaster ride that has people screaming with the thrill."
1.2.1 Sample Response: "One thing I learn from the article is that white water rafting is a dangerous and exciting activity that "has people screaming". This suggests that Hyde is an adrenaline junky seeking the "thrill" of this perilous journey. It also implies that it's the adult equivalent of "Disneyland" because of the amazing experience you have and share.
1.3 How to Respond
1.3.1 Interpretation "One thing I learn from... is (embed quote). This suggests... This also implies... (Repeat few times then move onto next question)
2 Q.2
2.1 How to Respond
2.1.1 Language Analysis "The use of the ... "..." at the start of the headline would make the reader feel... This is because ... has connotations of..." (x2). "One thing the picture depicts is ... . ... is often associated with ... This implies ... "...", the suggestion is..."
2.2 Sample Source: "Up, up and away - the day that armchair travel really took off."
2.2.1 Sample Response: "The use of the metaphorical phrase "armchair travel really took off" at the start of the headline would make the reader feel curious and give them the intent to carry on reading. This is because the adverb "really" has connotations of majority effectiveness and description.
2.2.2 Image: "One thing the image depicts is an armada of giant balloons lifting an armchair hundreds of metres into the air. Balloons are often associated with celebration so it implies that it's a momentous occasion as it "really took off". The suggestion here being that it is very successful.
2.3 Sample Source: "Four amputations, 13 hours - one extraordinary swim."
2.3.1 Sample Response: "The use of the hyperbolic phrase "four amputations, 13 hours - one extraordinary swim" in the headline would make the reader feel astounding by overwhelming amounts of exaggeration. This is because the adjective "extraordinary" has connotation of resilience, strength, and ability.
2.3.2 Image: "One thing the image depicts is an amputee thriving in a fight against the English Channel. Amputation is often associated with tragedy, so it implies that no matter how much disadvantage there is against you, you can do anything."
3 Q.3
3.1 How to Respond
3.1.1 Interpretive Comparison "In the extract, ... goes through a variety of thoughts and feelings. To start with, ... appears to feel... about ... as he/she "...". This suggests ... On the other hand, ... feels ... "...". This implies ...
3.2 Sample Source: In Search of Olives (source 3)
3.2.1 In the extract, Drinkwater has a variety of thoughts and feelings during her journey. On the one had, Drinkwater appears to feel nostalgic about being "so far from her life and all she held dear". This suggests that she is homesick and may regret abandoning her family for a few months, yet she is still eager to venture on. On the other hand, Drinkwater seems to feel fascinated by the expansive desert as she continuously stares "out at the sea of sand". This indicates that even though she may not be having the best of times, she still has those moments every now and then where she embraces the soul of the desert and what it means to be there.
4 Q.4
4.1 How to Respond
4.1.1 Long Analysis Via Comparison "In source 3, the write uses ... to describe ... This could make the reader feel ... as it has connotations of ... Similarly/in juxtaposition, in source "...", the writer uses ... (repeat for rest of source).
4.2 Sample Sources: In Search of Olives (source 3), and 'A ticking time bomb': Teenage girls' junk food diet leaves them starved of vitamins (source 2).
4.2.1 In source 3, the writer uses the metaphor "crystal stars" to describe the fascinating features of the desert. This is effective t making the reader feel astounded by the desert and its endless possibilities of magnificent secrets. This is because the adjective "crystal" has connotations of beauty, expense, and opportunity. In juxtaposition, source 2 uses the adverbial phrase "dangerously low" to describe the unfortunate predicament of the teenagers. This is particularly effective at making the reader feel concerned for the teenagers, and their life-threatening choices that they are making. This is because the adverb "dangerously" has connotations of mistakes, willpower, and even death.
5 Q. 5 & 6
5.1 How to Respond
5.1.1 Write to persuade/argue Write in the style of articles etc. such as how source 1, 2, and 3 are written.
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