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Re mind map for AQA GCSE unit 2 and 5 Islam and Christianity

Resource summary

1 Religion and life issues
1.1 Religion and animal rights
1.1.1 Islamic views animals exist for the benefit of human beings Using animals is permitted
1.1.2 Christian views God had created animals for the use of human beings Animals were distinctively inferior to human beings humans have souls and animals don't humans have reason and animals don't
1.2 Religion and prejudice
1.2.1 Types of prejudice Religious Ageist Sexism Racism Disability discrimination
1.3 Religion and early life
1.3.1 Abortion
1.3.2 Birth ceremonies
1.4 Religion and young people
1.4.1 Initiation ceremonies
1.4.2 Faith Schools
1.4.3 Upbringing
1.4.4 Peer groups
1.4.5 Assemebelies
1.4.6 Spring harvest
2 Religious expression
2.1 Religion and art
2.1.1 Types of religious art Icon Painting The last supper Graffiti A bridge to life Calligraphy Sculpture Jews with the ripped out hearts
2.2 Religion and media
2.2.1 Types of media Internet TV Songs of praise Film Radio
2.3 Religion and music
2.3.1 Types of music Mainstream Judas Hymns All things bright and beautiful Chanting
2.4 Religion in contempary society
2.4.1 Use of symbols
2.4.2 Attending worship
2.4.3 Different types of community Denominational Monastic Lay Faith commune
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