Ethics second partial

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Mapa mental de temas vistos en clase de ética.

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Ethics second partial
1.1 They help us to understand the ethics and politics relación.
1.2 Maximum ethics
1.2.1 Are defined as the special and specific set of rules. "They try to reach happiness"
1.3 Minimum ethics:
1.3.1 Their goal is to stablish the common ground between all moral systems(máximum ethics). "They seek to ensure freedom." Allow societies to coexist in harmony.
1.4 Acording to Adela cortina, there are 3 types of societies.
1.4.1 Pluralistic societies: "Ideal society", different moral codes coexist in a peacefull convivence.
1.4.2 Polytheistic societies: Sets of different beliefs. They do not interact between each other.
1.4.3 Monistic societies: Unique moral code shaved by all it´s members.
2.1 Relation Power-Citizenship:
2.1.1 The power must be legitimare. Power without authority becomes tyranny. Some governors did not justify their power
2.1.2 By humanity: democracy
2.1.3 By divinity: Monarchy
2.1.4 By Nature: Aristocracy
2.2 Relation Dignity-Citizenship:
2.2.1 Laws of privacy are designed to protect the dignity of the individual.
2.2.2 The state of quality of being worthy of honor or respect: a man of dignity and unbending principle.
2.2.3 Dignity + respect = inclusion
2.3 What does it mean to be a citizen?
2.3.1 Citizenshio is the legal status of a individual in the state.
2.3.2 Nationality:: The place the individual was born. To be a citizen you must posses nationality.
2.4 Citizenship and democracy:
2.5 Framework for citizens
2.5.1 Legal Birth Born in Mexico Born from Mexican parents Born in Mexican planes or ships. Naturalization Leter from Mexican government. Marrying and living with a Mexican person.
2.5.2 Ethical Educate as a citizen. Moral values. Critical thought towards goverment. Know right and ought. Post-conventional thinking. Critical thought towards mass media.
3.1 Aristotle:
3.1.1 Balance and true happiness, the virtue of achieve it.
3.1.2 Highest good.
3.1.3 Golden Mean: Regulate the decires.
3.2 Anarchism:
3.2.1 Hierarchy of valúes: Individualism Egocentrism Responsability Freedom Universalism
3.2.2 No goverment. No state. Violence. Left ideological position. The most important part is to work
3.2.3 Characters: Johann Kaspar Sachmidt, Pierre-Joseph, Mikhail Bakunin, Friederich Nietzsche.
3.3 Christianity:
3.3.1 Characters: St. Agustin and St. Thomas
3.3.2 God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.
3.3.3 Love of God, fidelity in marriage, peace, humility and forgiveness.
3.4 Utilitarism:
3.4.1 Characters: Jeremy Bentham.
3.4.2 No care for consequiences.
3.4.3 More happiness.
3.5 Marxism:
3.5.1 Characters: Karl Marx and Friederich Engels.
3.5.2 Social, against domination: Indiviaual the most important. Believes on democracy, No capitalismo and opossed inequality and explotaron. World community,.
3.5.3 Socialism: Communist society Revolutionary socialismo. Against bourgeoisies and proletariat. Self regulated society.
3.6 Kantian:
3.6.1 Character: Immanuel Kant
3.6.2 Law of Nature: Autonomy Law of the End Itself: The Kingdom of Ends.
3.6.4 Philosophy: Critique of Pure Reason. Practical reason. Power of judgement
3.7 Existensialism:
3.7.1 Opposed to rationalism and empiricism. 1. Essence in existence. 2. Reason is unable to deal with dephts in life. 3. Alineation. 4. Anxiety. 5. Freedom. 6. Encounter with nothingness.
3.7.2 Principles: The absud. The other and the look. Authenticy. Existence. Precedes. Essenc., Despair. Angst. Facticity.
3.7.3 Characters: Nietzche, Martin Heidegger, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre.
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