Earl of Danby

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Earl of Danby

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Earl of Danby
1 With Parliament
1.1 Effectively creates the divides within Parliament: the Whigs and Tories
1.1.1 Could be seen as trying to subvert the role of Parliament
1.1.2 Tories were the 'Court' party supposedly loyal to him (and obviously Charles)
1.2 Generally disliked by MPs
1.3 By late 1675, over 30 MPs receiving substantial crown pensions and recieving personalised letters before parliament, directing them to support the crown.
1.3.1 Emphasises fear among MPs that there was a plan to enforce Catholicism and absolutism on the country
2 With Charles
2.1 Tries but fails to curb his spending
2.1.1 Crown debt increased by £750,000 between 1674-1679
2.1.2 However, showed restraint in role as Lord Treasurer, and improved Charles's financial position. Perhaps more important was the withdrawal from the Dutch War in 1674 (ToW) and a boom in trade. These cut costs and boosted income so that by 1677 royal income was averaging about £1.4m pa.
2.2 Tries to get Charles to follow a Pro-Dutch FP, like Parliament want, and in doing so, alienates Charles
2.2.1 Charles carries out the secret negotiations with Louis XIV without him
2.2.2 Marries James's daughter to Prince William of Orange
2.3 Works with Charles's mistresses to secure his own authority and position
3 Charles's Chief Minister from 1673-1679
3.1 1673: appointed Lord Treasurer
3.2 Brought down by his own duplicity in foreign relations; Charles had continued relations with France, and despite Danby's pro-Dutch approach, he had acted on direct requests from Charles to write to Montagu and get money from Louis XIV. This, along with his unpopularity, meant that there was an attempt to impeach him. Charles dismissed him but also pardoned him to avoid a trial and his own role in the negotiations with France being exposed.
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