Freedom Writers


Mind Map on Freedom Writers, created by Sara Gabriela on 04/08/2020.
Sara Gabriela
Mind Map by Sara Gabriela, updated more than 1 year ago
Sara Gabriela
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Freedom Writers
  1. Miss Gruwell
    1. Interested students in their classes
      1. Through outings to historical places, didactic activities, teaching in a different way from that of other teachers.
      2. She makes students interested in the Anne Frank story.
        1. They identify themselves and that motivates them
      3. The teacher asks the students to write their own story, telling what they have had to experience.
        1. Some time later they wrote a book with all the stories
        2. Students
          1. They were students who were in that public school, due to the new integration system
            1. There were Latinos, Asian Latinos, African Americans, Americans, etc.
            2. The teacher manages to make the students leave the life of violence that they had, thanks to their firmness and good ideas
              1. They had situations like poverty, bad education, criminal history, drug addiction, parents and friends in prison and gang members fighting a daily war.
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