HS2 Railway Line, London to Birmingham, UK

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HS2 Railway Line, London to Birmingham, UK
1 The HS2
1.1 400m long trains with up to 1100 seats.
1.2 Will operate up to 250mph (faster than any other trains in Europe)
1.3 Two phases
1.3.1 A railway line between London and the West Midlands
1.3.2 A line from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds
1.4 Will be intermediate stations in East Midlands and South Yorksire
2 Good points
2.1 Creates about 100,000 jobs
2.2 Encourages people to use public transport
2.3 Reduces travel times
2.4 Reduce pollution from cars
2.5 Bring more investment to Birmingham
3 Bad points
3.1 Damages the enviroment and disturbs wildlife
3.2 It will cost about £50 billion
3.3 Churches will have to re-bury the dead
3.4 Homes will lose a lot of value
3.5 Fishing lakes will be destroyed
4 People for the HS2
4.1 Commuters - Reduce travel time
4.2 The unemployed - More jobs
4.3 Business owners - Willgiver them more opportunities
4.4 Government - Bring Britain up to date with other countries
5 People against the HS2
5.1 Homeowners - Houses near the line will decrease in value
5.2 Environmentalists - Don't want to see the countryside being built on
5.3 Farmers - Will lose land and money
5.4 Fisherman - Wont have places to go fishing
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