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Mind Map on Digital media production and design_1_2, created by Vane Soria on 04/09/2015.

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Digital media production and design
1 Web design
1.1 Awesome
1.2 Awful
1.3 Characteristics
1.3.1 Design
1.3.2 Download Speed
1.3.3 Usability
1.3.4 Content
2 Design & production of interactive projects
2.1 Users
2.2 Devices
2.3 Multitasking
2.4 Interaction
2.5 10 trends for 2014
2.6 Transcendece & storytelling
2.7 Future = Interactive MKT
2.8 Mexican Context
3 Key concepts of interactive media
3.1 Engagement
3.2 Online MKT and advertising
3.3 Key Performance Indicators
3.4 Interactive Video
3.5 Gaming and social gaming
3.6 Apps
4 The World is flat
4.1 Technology advanced
4.2 Work at home
4.3 Personal attention
4.4 fast learning
4.5 Status Quo change
4.6 Globalization
5 The Webpage
5.1 Virtual home
5.1.1 Brands
5.1.2 Companies Communication and MKT
5.2 Educational
5.3 Informational
5.4 Retail
5.5 Services
5.6 Community
5.7 Mixed
5.8 Elements of the Webpage
5.8.1 Design
5.8.2 Content
5.8.3 Navigation Routes
5.9 Creation Process
5.9.1 Learn Creative Brief Undestand scoope and goals Know the target audience Primary and secondary goals Branding characteristics Budget Deadlines Ask the client
5.9.2 Plan Strategy Know the audience Research Mood board Mock-ups Site navigation map
5.9.3 Design Home page and sub-pages Photoshop
5.9.4 Code Web design tools Weebly Wix Google sites
5.9.5 Launch Release it to the public Web domain
5.9.6 Maintain Control performance Update

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