Barcelona essay

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Barcelona essay
1 What was the image of Barcelona during the war?
1.1 How did this image change during the Franco period?
1.2 Read: Barcelona, DP 402.B265 H85 hug, L4E
2 In what ways did the war and the following fascist regime impact on the physical and cultural make up of the city?
2.1 Read: Building Barcelona, HT 178.s63 row, L3E
3 How did Franco attempt to use the city and it's culture to control the Catalan people?
3.1 Through defining what it meant to be Spanish and to be part of the country, he boxed people in, becuase stepping out of these line meant danger and death.
3.1.1 Read: Catalanes todos : las 15 visitas de Franco a Cataluña, DP 302.C68 P467 per, L4E
4 How have the Catalan people used Barcelona as a beacon of hope for the survival of their culture in the post-franco era?
4.1 Read: Catalan Identity in Post-Franco Era: Writing Desencant in Torrent’s Un Negre Amb Un Saxo <online>
4.2 Read: Catalan Secessionism: Young People’s Expectations and Political Change <online>
5 How does Barcelona reflect the ideology of Catalan culture within its architectural structures?
6 Read: Homage to catalonia, george orwell
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