Verb to Be


practica del verbo to be
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Verb to Be
  1. reasons for learning
    1. It is the beginning of the language to have a good communication
      1. it will help to know if you speak in the past present and future
        1. It is used as a main and auxiliary verb, and is irregular in the past and present tense
        2. Benefits
          1. describe the characteristics of someone or something
            1. Para referirse a la profesión u ocupación de una personas
              1. helps to communicate correctly in this language
              2. resources
                1. Affirmative
                  1. Negative form
                    1. Interrogative form
                    2. importance
                      1. The verb also has the form of conjugation, regular and irregular, affirmative, negative and interrogative
                        1. serves to express various useful aspects
                          1. you must know how to conjugate it at all times and in the different pronouns
                          2. applications
                            1. to refer to something true in the present or to give basic information
                              1. used in about 40% of sentences
                                1. The verb to be is equivalent to ser or estar in Spanish
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