Adopting reading styles

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Reading styles

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Adopting reading styles
1 What are you reading?
1.1 Poems
1.2 Comics
1.3 News
1.4 Instructional books
2 Speed Reading
2.1 Skim
2.2 Scanning
3 Active Reading
3.1 We've all sat at a desk at some point "reading" the same page over and over again, with very little of it going in.
4 Study Reading
4.1 Survey
4.2 Question
4.3 Read
4.4 Recall
4.5 Review
5 Assimilating Difficult Material
5.1 Get an overview of how the material is organized: Scan the section for titles, headings, sub-headings, and topic sentences to get its general idea.
6 Summary Sheet
6.1 The title of the book, essay or journal article
6.2 The author
6.3 The main subject
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