Adults need to be involved in the learning process

Jody McKinnon
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Jody McKinnon
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A mind map outlining Cercone's 2008 recommendations for adult learners.

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Adults need to be involved in the learning process
1 Teach skills like:
1.1 Inquiry
1.2 decision making
1.3 personal development
1.4 self-evalution
2 Make regular announcements
2.1 establish online office hours
2.2 course updates
3 ensure learners that discussion board posts are read
4 embed content in authentic contexts
5 require learners to:
5.1 synthesize
5.2 problem solve
5.3 use information in new ways
6 have learners use on screen manipulatives if possible
7 develop peer learning groups
8 periodically review goals
8.1 reflect
8.1.1 discuss
9 Provide multiple sources of information
9.1 differing points of view
9.2 diverse authors
10 acknowledge the accumulated experiences of the participants
11 enhance self-direction
11.1 learning contracts
11.2 group projects
11.3 role playing
11.4 case studies
11.4.1 simulations
12 provide flexibility
12.1 choice of assignments
13 timely feedback
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