The character of Curley

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The character of Curley
1 Appearance
1.1 'blue jean trousers'
1.2 'high heeled boots' -authoritive
1.3 'Solid stetson hat' - authoritive
1.4 'Flannel shirt'
1.5 'spurs'
2 'oh so it's that way'-Curley doesn't understand the nature of G&L's relationship
3 'He hates big guys'
4 'Don't tell Curley I told you' - Scared of his due to his position on the ranch
5 'His hands closed into a fist'- violent without reason towards Lennie, strenghtening Candy's point
6 'His thumbs were stuck in his belt' - authoritive
7 'rubbing the door with his whiskers' - cattish nature
8 'that's the boss's son' - recognised just for his relation to the boss
9 'answer when you're spoke to' - Curley demands respect, he hasn't earnt it unlike Slim
10 'Glove fulla vaseline' - Curley is not respectful of his wife, which isn't unusual for the time period
11 'to prove he was not a labouring man'
12 'his glance was at once calculating and pugnacious'- violence
13 'he demanded angrily'
14 'angry little man'
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