Motion of Particles

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Motion of Particles
1 Centripetal Force
1.1 Force that keeps things turning in a circle
1.2 Thsi increases when the mass and velocity are increased
1.2.1 And decreases when the radius of the circle increases
2 Acceleration -Rate of change of velocity
3 Centripetal acceleration
4 Force = mass x acceleration
5 Energy in crashes
5.1 momentum=velocity x mass
5.2 when one object hits the other and then stops all of the momentum is passed onto the second object
5.2.1 If 2 balls have the same mass then the second ball will move at the same velocity as the first ball before the collision
5.3 If 2 moving objects of the same mass collide and stick together the mass of the 2 combined will be doubled so the velcocity would be halfed
5.4 Types of collision
5.4.1 Elastic All kinetic energy is conserved and passed on
5.4.2 Inelastic Kinetic energy is dispersed as other types of energy
5.5 work done = energy used
6 Gravitational Potential Energy
6.1 Work done = force x distance
6.1.1 Measures in joules
7 Kinetic Energy
8 Matter and Antimatter
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