A View From The Bridge

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Quotes & Analysis from A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View From The Bridge
1 "The family had an uncle they were hidin' in the house and he snitched."
1.1 Eddie tells family how Vinny betrayed his community. This suggests that Vinny broke the trust of everyone by going against the code of honour within the community. Millers uses verb 'snitched' to emphasise Vinnys shameful, disrespectful behaviour. This shows us the importance of family honour in the play and anyone who betrayed this would be an outcast and punished severly.
2 "You can quicker get back a million dollars than a word you gave away."
2.1 Eddie tries to make Catherine understand that you should never talk about illegal immigrants. Image effective in getting across to Eddies niece value of works and how easily things can go wrong. Shows Eddie values loyalty so much he teaches Cat. Also shows Eddie's loyalty to family as he protects his illegal cousins.
3 "Katie he's only bowin to his passport"
3.1 Eddie suggests to Cat that Marco doesn't love her and wants to marry her to be an American Citizen. Image suggests Rodolfos love for America, just as one might bow to worship something important so too Eddie suggests Rod has his passport as top priority. This suggests desperation of Eddie in trying to keep Cat and Rod apart, his sence of love for her is stronger than the code of honour. He suggests Rod has no sense of honour by using Cat in this way,although we know this is false abd leas to the downfall of Eddie as a tragic hero.
4 {He transforms what might appear like a smile of triumph and Eddie's grin vanishes as he absorbs the look.}
4.1 Marco has had enough and tries to stand his ground, showing Eddie who's boss. Wordchoice transforms suggests a change in atmosphere from the previous casual family scene to an extremely tense atmosphere. This emphasis the fight for dominace between the 2 men as Eddie underestimates Marco, although he's stronger. This shows Marco is trying to take control and defend his brothers honour by warning Eddie to back off, emphasising how serious the code of honour and community is between the brothers.
5 "as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth"
5.1 Eddies unnatural love for Catherine is shown through him kissing her when drunk. "He kisses her on the mouth" shows how desperate Eddies is to give Catherine a reason to stay, although his irrational behaviour pushed her further away adding to his downfall. This shows Eddie is at rock bottom, letting his feelings take control of him as he tries to chase Rodolpho away and break up his relationship with Catherine, taking his lover for her more importance over the code of honour.
6 "Illegal immigrants. Two of them. [He slowly hangs up]"
6.1 Eddie phone immigration on his family, breaking the code of honour and his connection to the family. "Slowly hangs up" suggests Eddie is now realising what he has done and already regrets it slightly, as if he is shocked by his own actions. Miller sets Eddie up so offensively against betrayal that his transition to the betrayer seem illogical especially with the similar Vinny Bolzano story. This shows the character Eddie is dropping towards his downfall by breaking the code of honour ripping his family apart and not dealing with the consequences. This is hard hitting and suggests to the reader things can only get worse for the tragic hero Eddie.
7 "He's gonna take that back of I'll kill him! You hear me? I'll kill him"
7.1 Marco publicly threatens Eddie in the street, accusing him of killing hiss children while bring taken away by immigration, due to Eddies actions. "I'll kill him suggests the lengths Eddie would go to for his name and honour, shaping the main theme of the play. He is threatening Marco and it suggests what is to come. This shows eddies desperation and how things have changed. He never expected for this to happen or that he'd break the code. He knows there is nothing else for him to do, he's lost his name and credibility.
8 "Oh B, my B"
8.1 Eddies calls out for his wife as he dies in her arms. "My B" suggests Eddies love for Beatrice, not calling for Catherine but for Beatrice. Eddie is relying on his wife for the first time in ages and is still unaware of the consequences of his actions. Shows Beas love for Eddie is stronger than the code he has broken and no matter what she is there by his side after Marco stabs him
9 "You're welcome Marco we got plenty of room here"
9.1 Eddie has Marcos respect as he welcomes the brothers into his house. This makes the reader admire him more as he is percieved as welcoming, pleasant and a family man. This is before his downfall and is the start of the authors try to make the reader admire Eddie.
10 {He is becoming more and more to address Marco only}
10.1 Eddie becomes increasingly more uncomfortable and uneasy around Rodolfo and begins to ignore him. Eddie sees Rod as less than him as a child who is not worthy of Catherine's attention and therefore causing jealousy and tension and signifying the start of the fall of the tragic hero Eddie.
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