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1 Enlargement [clip 76]
1.1 Enlargement with a point of enlargement
1.1.1 This means that the enlargement has to be the right size and in the right position
1.1.2 Example: scale factor 2
1.1.3 Draw a guideline from the centre of enlargement through one of the points of the shape Count how to get from the centre to the point then multiply this by the scale factor E.g centre to Point A is Across 1 Up 5 For the enlargement this needs to be done twice, so the new position of A is Across 2 Up 10 from the centre of enlargment From the new position the rest of the sides can be worked out as before, by multiplying them by the scale factor
1.2 Multiply each side by the scale factor
1.2.1 E.g Scale factor-2 ................ side x 2 B is the enlargement of A by the scale factor 2 This is increases the size of the shape
1.2.2 E.g Scale factor 1/2 ................ side x 1/2 (0.5) C is the enlargement of A by scale factor 1/2 Multiplying by 1/2 is the same has dividing by 2. So the size of the shape is decreased
1.2.3 When there is no point of enlargement, the enlarged shape can go anywhere
2 Enlargement by a negative scale factor [clip 171]
2.1 Mark out the centre of enlargement
2.1.1 Draw guidelines from the orginial shape through the centre and carry them on Count how to get from the centre to the point then multiply this by the scale factor
2.2 Example: the scale factor is -2 and the centre of enlargement is (1,0)
2.2.1 Because the scale factor is a negative the new shape is on the opposite side of the centre of enlargement than the original shape
3 Describing an enlargement
3.1 1. name the translation 2. work out scale factor 3. find centre of enlargement
3.1.1 if the shapes are different sizes then it is an enlargement.
3.1.2 Divide the length of a side from the enlarged shape by the length of a side on the original shape to work out scale factor
3.1.3 To find the centre of enlargement join two like points with a line and carry it on. Do this for 2 or more points. Where the lines cross is the centre of enlargemrnt
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