The Ruined Maid Thomas Hardy


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The Ruined Maid Thomas Hardy
  1. Feelings
    1. shame
      1. "We never do work when we're ruined,"
        1. Melia feels worthless and always refers to herself as "ruined."
        2. jealousy
          1. The other woman wants all the materialistic things that Melia owns."I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown, And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!".
          2. shock
            1. the other female speaker seems shocked that Melia has found wealth because when she last saw her she was in tatters.
              1. she was shocked to see her in town. "Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town? "
            2. Attitudes
              1. The two women have contrasting opinions on Melia's lifestyle.
                1. Melia does not care for her riches and nice clothes. Her main focus of herself is the fact she is ruined. However, Melia's old work colleague disregards that Melia is a prostate and ruined, she is more concerned about thje fact she can afford nice clothing.
                  1. Is the farm girl naïve, not understanding what she is being told, or is she just not phased by the fact she would have to give up her dignity and end up "ruined" in order to gain riches.
                2. Hardy's attitude, unlike that of a lot of men in his era, is not one of disapproval or disgust towards 'Melia. He portrays her as very "knowing" - understanding that the seemingly good position she now finds herself in is not "real". She knows the price she has had to pay and we get the sense that Hardy feels sympathetic towards her
                3. Ideas
                  1. how much people can change over time
                    1. Melia left the country side in tatters but now wears gloves and feathers.
                    2. The identity of women and the importance of their appearance.
                      1. the other female speaker wishes to have Melia's belongings, "I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown," despite Melia telling her she is "ruined".
                      2. money and materialistic things not being the key to happiness
                        1. she has "such fair garments" yet still feels ruined
                      3. Language
                        1. Repetition of "said she"
                          1. "this does everything crown!"
                            1. Melia's "crown" shows her riches and, in the other girls eyes, Melia's power now that she's come to money .
                          2. Links
                            1. The Hunchback in the Park
                              1. both show the idea that life can be cruel
                                1. both suggest not to judge people on the way they look
                                  1. Hunchback may well be a freindlyman but isn't given a chance because of his disability.
                                    1. Melia's former collegue is impressed by Melia without relasing how ruined she feels.
                                2. Structure
                                  1. set out as six, four lines stanzas
                                    1. Also known as a quatrain
                                    2. Regular 'aabb' rhyme scheme
                                      1. The last word in each stanza is always she
                                        1. line length
                                          1. Melia's lines are brief compared to the other female speaker.
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