Religion and Science AQA Religious Studies GCSE

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Religion and Science AQA Religious Studies GCSE
1 The Creation of the Universe
1.1 Christianity
1.1.1 The bible teaches that the Earth was created in 6 days by God. Fish and birds were created on the fifth day, then animals and humans on the sixth. God said that all this was good. Literalists and creationists believe this story word for word. Other Christians are more open to the interpretation of the Bible as not completely accurate. They believe that the Bible is not answering the question of 'how' the world was made, but 'why' God made it. Therefore the Bible story doesn't have to stand up the scrutiny because it wasn't intended as a guide for how the universe began. So Christians who believe that God created the world are actually underlying four key things: 1) Everything was created for a purpose, 2) Life's beginnings were not accidental, 3) Humans are different from animals 4) The world was basically good
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