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Revision Time Table
1.1 Have Chemistry and Mathematics during the day.
1.2 Spend lunch writing up chemistry notes in book.
1.3 Go to library after Maths to write up notes.
1.4 At home then do wider reading around the subject(s) chem/maths and read through all notes.
1.5 Read Chemistry notes before I go to bed.
2.1 Have Biology and Chemistry during the day.
2.2 Write Up Biology notes at lunch.
2.3 Write up Chemistry Notes straight after college in Library.
2.4 Make Mind Maps on key topics that I have found difficult in Biology and Chemistry.
2.5 Read Biology Notes before I go to bed.
3.1 Get up at around 930 to start work at 10.
3.2 10-1130 answer "chemistry" Q's from revision guides on the topics covered and make poster(s) of the overall topic covered that day.
3.3 12-2 work through "maths" book and write flash cards of useful information to stick round the house
3.4 3-5 "Biology" revision! Go through book and answer Q's. Make Mind Maps and flash cards on the topics to consolidate notes, if there is a particular topic of difficulty RE-WRITE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
3.5 "VARIABLE" means I can change the subjects on this day.
3.6 see Ryan in the evening after Algernon Trust ^.^
4.1 Get up @8, start wider reading around a subject of choice. Maybe science magazines? or online article? Finish this around 930.
4.2 Get ready and get to college for 11ish. Go to library and answer Biology Q's and complete any homework if necessary.
4.3 Biology from 1-4 then after write up the notes fro, this lesson.
4.4 Go to library with courtney after lesson and revise area's of weakness until around 6.
4.5 After dinner answer some maths Q' in preperation for fridays lesson.
6.1 From around 930-12 go through all AS stuff for the resits that I'm planning to do, i.e. Biology Unit 2 and 3, chemistry unit 3 and maths unit 1.
6.2 At 12 go and ride badger for an hour or so.
6.3 From around 2ish read through ALL notes from EVERY subject a few times, if there are certain things i am unsure on, make posters, watch youtube videos, more notes etc.
6.4 In evening after dinner spend an hour on each subject answering past paper Q's to consolodate knowledge learnt during the week.
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